1. Users are restricted from entering the ice surface until the operator has closed the ice surface doors after completing the flood. Entry onto the ice prior to this will result in termination of ice maintenance until all individuals are off the ice surface.
  2. Users are restricted from entering the ice surface until there is designated supervisor with the user group on the ice.
  3. Users are only permitted to use rented space (ice and/or rooms).
  4. Dressing rooms are provided to renters 30 minutes before and after each rental. A responsible adult is absolutely required to be present in the dressing rooms at ALL TIMES when children or youth members are present. Dressing rooms will not be opened until supervisors are in place. Failure to adhere to this will forfeit use of dressing rooms by the renter.
  5. No street shoes or boots are permitted on the ice for any reasons. Only approved skate aids are to be used for any ice activity.
  6. The User does not have the right to transfer their rental time/space to other groups/organizations/individuals. If you wish to do this the Facility Manger needs to be notified in writing as soon as possible.
  7. The User is responsible for ensuring that the area that is rented is left free of debris and garbage that was brought by their participants.
  8. The User will comply with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws ordinances and regulations as they apply. The User will comply with all the Twin Rinks rules and regulations and ensure all attendees comply as well.
  9. The User is responsible for the cost of any professional repairs or replacement of any damage to the facility or equipment that was caused as a result of the rental.
  10. There is a no smoking inside Twin Rinks building.
  11. Illegal drugs or substances or weapons are not allowed in or on the premises of the Twin Rinks Facilities.
  12. If the User has any issues or conces please notify Facility Manger. If it is an immediate conce notify the Facility Manager as soon as possible and if the Facility Manager is not available please notify staff person on site.
  13. Use of arena equipment needs to be approved by the Facility Manager.
  14. The User is responsible for making its members, users and participants aware of these terms and conditions and for making a copy of the terms and conditions for its members, users and participants when required. Non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this contract could result in the immediate suspension of the rental agreement.
  15. All users must wear a CSA Approved helmet while on the ice. Figure skating will be the exception as they provide their own liability insurance for users.
  16. For safety reasons, it is recommended that patrons remain seated while in the bleacher area of the rinks.
  17. No sticks, pucks, balls, skateboards, etc. to be used on the floor on the rink level or in the viewing area on the upper level.
  18. No climbing on rink glass.
  19. Abusive language/behaviour towards other players, coaches, officials, parents, spectators or employees will not be tolerated. After one waing an individual will be escorted from the rink.
  20. Running is not permitted in this facility.
  21. Skates are not permitted on the stairs or in the mezzanine area.
  22. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  23. Anyone using this facility for any purpose what so ever does so at their own risk.
  24. Twin rinks is under video surveillance; the surveillance is exclusively for security and law enforcement purposes, which must relate to:
  25. The deterrence or detection of criminal activity, including theft, vandalism, or other property damage.
  26. Protection of employees, patrons, and guests.